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Yoga: Is It Good for Mental Health?

From confidence to strength to mindfulness, yoga can be considered the epitome of holistic health. But coming into yoga as a beginner might feel a little intimidating. In the media, yogis are often ...

Is Stress Normal? Yes, But It’s Complicated

What is stress? Stress as we know it today is a relatively modern term and has become a “normal” part of our everyday lives. It refers to the body’s response to any change or adjustment, whether in ...

Addressing SAD with Diet and Lifestyle

Fall, with its crisp air and beautiful colors, is many people’s favorite time of year. But for others, the season marks the beginning of a seasonal depression. Known as seasonal affective disorder ...

14 Grounding Exercises for Better Well-Being

Anxiety, panic, and negative or unwelcome emotions can come on at any time, and they’re normal. What matters most is how we respond to these feelings. Grounding exercises can be an excellent way to ...
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