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Red 40: Side Effects and Whats in it?

What do pickles, BBQ sauce and Hawaiian Punch have in common? Yes, they all belong at a summer BBQ, but there is something else. These common foods frequently contain an ingredient called Red 40, ...

Iridology: What Is It, and Is It Useful?

What Is Iridology? Iridology is a theory that it’s possible to assess health issues by analyzing changes in the appearance of the iris and pupil of the eye. Proponents believe that marks and colors ...

Deepak Chopra on What NOT to Do to Succeed

When you look at the most successful people you know, you probably focus on what they did to achieve their success. But what about what they didn’t do? According to Integrative Nutrition visiting ...

5 Breathing Exercises to Melt Away Stress

Even when we do our best to stay calm and go with the flow of life, stress often finds a way to creep in. While it’s impossible for most of us to completely prevent it, we can experience much more ...
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