How to Spot the “Functional” Designer Food Scam

Brain-boosting mayonnaise? Heart-healthy margarine? Infection-fighting strawberry yogurt? This latest marketing scam is probably not what Hippocrates had in mind when he said, “Let food be thy medicine.”

The Truth Behind the “Functional Food” Fraud

Eager to make smarter food choices, millions of Americans are falling victim to a clever hoax that advertises items as “functional foods” – foods that promote optimal health or reduce the risk of disease. 

How to Avoid The “Whole Grain” Junk Food Scam

As awareness about healthy eating grows and people demand more nutritious and nourishing options, a new marketing scam has become increasingly widespread. We’ve all heard the hype about the health benefits of whole grains, but many of the items being marketed as “whole grain” – and therefore thought of as being “healthy” – are a hoax.

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