How Happy Relationships Can Keep You Healthy

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We all know that eating fruit and vegetables, cutting back on sugar, getting plenty of rest, and exercising regularly will help keep us feeling energetic and healthy. But did you know that having strong and happy relationships can also contribute to good health? 

Integrative Nutrition teaches their students about a very important concept called primary food. Sometimes we are fed not only by the food on our plates, but by the people and activities in our lives. In fact, if you are happy in your career, have strong relationships with family and friends, exercise regularly, and have some sort of spiritual practice, then the food that you eat is really secondary nourishment.

Relationships are perhaps one of the most important aspects of primary food. Having a strong relationship with your family, friends and partner is essential to your wellbeing.  When you feel loved and supported, your self-esteem will be high, and you’ll enjoy life to its fullest. How can you make sure that the relationships in your life are healthy? Start by checking off these qualities:

Open Communication: In a healthy relationship, whether it is with your mom, best friend or husband, you should have an open line of communication. If something is bothering you, talk to that person about it. If you are happy about something, call that person and share your joy with them. 

Mutual Support: A strong relationship lasts through the good and the bad. You should be able to lean on each other when you are going through hard times like a break up or losing a job. If your friend is constantly coming to you with problems, but seems to be absent from your life when you are going through a hard time, then it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

Laughter and Fun: Celebrating in the good times is just as important for a healthy relationship as supporting each other through the tough times! Being able to spend time  laughing and rejoicing with your loved ones will feed you in a way that food cannot.

How do you make sure the relationships in your life are nourishing your soul and keeping you healthy? 

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