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We love interacting with our Integrative Nutrition community online, including our Facebook page! This week we received a variety of IINspirational advice from over 100 members of our community. Here’s a sample:

We asked:

What is the best piece of health advice you've ever given or received?

You answered:

Love yourself. – Leslie M.

Listen to your body. – James K.

Eat real food! – Nicole C.

Vitamin L is the best superfood ever, and it's free! – Hyacinth M.

Find a hobby you are passionate about and make room for it in your life. It’s just as important as what food you eat. – Beth I.

Breathe! – Alice C.

Everyone is unique, find out what works for you. – Trish P.

Turn on to your health before your health turns on you. – Raw Ayurveda

Find a balance in all things. – Alexis J.

Do work that you love! – Betsy M.

Take care of yourself first so you have something to give to those around you. – Marian M.

If you can't pronounce it, then you probably shouldn't be eating it. – Jackie V.

Eat for your activity level. Be mindful of what works. – Michael D.

Be compassionate and kind to all those you meet, for we are all fighting a tough battle. – Stacey S.

Our attitude and mindset is just as important as what we eat! – Adam C.

Lots of sleep, water, exercise and fresh air can cure most of what may ail you. – Nancy M.

Find your passion, and follow it! – Karen W.  

We set ourselves up to succeed or fail by the choices we make. – Sheila B.

There is always a silver lining. – Susan B.

Don't smoke, wear your seat belt, and eat your vegetables! – Amy S.

Actually it was from Joshua at IIN about primary foods - that just really put it in perspective for me! – Kelley P.

Thanks to all who shared these IINspirational tips! To read all of the replies, check out the post on Facebook - and feel free to join in the conversation!

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